Teaching Series

The book of Daniel has proven over the ages to be the catalyst of hope and insight for daily living: multifaceted, with stories and visions; written with sensitivity and humor.; predicting the rise and fall of empires, hundreds of years in advance. Covering the engagement of Christ in our lives from 600 B.C. until Jesus returns again, this book is worthy of our time. 
Whatever your view of the world today, if you approach the book with honest faith in Jesus you will be transformed. You will look at your circle, those closest to you, with fresh engagement. You will consider your community, those you interact every day, and occasionally with engaging intentionality. We will address politics, the nature of prophecy, injustice, racial prejudices, sexual identity, character development, trust in Jesus, salvation and the “apparent” delay of the second coming of Jesus. This will raise a whole series of questions such as: Where do we get our strength? What makes us strong? How do we become resilient? How do we develop our character? What is Jesus doing now? And what role does prophecy play today in the 21st Century?

In the search for a title for this series, “Resilience”, was the strongest noun that I felt captured the essence of life and the challenge of Daniel.  I decided to explore the book chronologically rather than thematically, so that the life of Daniel forms the tree from which all the branches of prophecy hang. We have to also note, that not only does it contain classical prophecy, applicable to Daniel at his time, but it also contains apocalyptic prophecy, taking us to the end of time as we know it. The miracle of this is the starting point in history and the fulfillment we have been able to experience thus far. The future is not going to an unknown world but a reality - the Kingdom of God. 
In each message and by the end of the series I hope that you will leave knowing Jesus is in control no matter how the current situation looks. We are resilient because our source of wisdom is from Jesus. 

Daniel 1: Determination 
Daniel 2: Trust
Daniel 3-4: Confidence 
Daniel 7-8: Patience
Daniel 5-6: Strength
Daniel 9: Hope
Daniel 10-12: Safety


These are a few of the suggested books and commentaries for the series Resilience.

An Exhaustive Ellen G. White Commentary on Daniel Volume 1
Apollos Old Testament Commentary, Daniel, Ernest C Lucas
Daniel & the Twelve Prophets for Everyone, John Goldingay
Daniel, A Reader’s Guide, William H. Shea
Daniel - Pure and Simple, Kenneth Cox
Daniel Wisdom to the Wise, Zdravko Stefanovic
God Cares, E. Mervyn Maxwell
Prophecies of Daniel Made Simple, Seth Pierce
Prophets & Kings, Ellen White
Secrets of Daniel, Jacques B. Doukhan
Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary, Daniel, Sharon Pace
The Abundant Bible Amplifier Daniel 1-7, William H. Shea
The Abundant Bible Amplifier Daniel 7-12, William H. Shea
Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, Daniel, Joyce G. Baldwin
What We Believe, Seth Pierce
Word Biblical Commentary, John Goldingay

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