Teaching Series
Finding Home

Tears began to stream down my face as I did the final walk through. Each room was filled with heaps of memories. We had spent countless hours making these spaces beautiful and now it felt like we didn’t get to enjoy them in their finished state. Still, I knew  this move was a good thing for our family, despite how I felt at that moment. Then it occurred to me to ask the question: Why  am I so attached to this place? I used to hop around from house to house without any thought when I was in college. But this was different; I had made this house my home. It was Gerardo’s first place he had bought on his own. When we got married, he welcomed me into it, making it mine as well. We brought each of our kids home to this house, and watched them grow in this space. To leave it and start somewhere new felt like leaving a piece of who we were behind.

How do we deal with leaving home? We place a great deal of weight on where we live. What if it is taken away in an instant? I can only imagine how those involved in the recent natural disasters must feel. To come home to what is familiar one day, only to have it destroyed the next. Through all the pain and loss that has gone on around us, there must still be hope. There must be a something we can rely on when the place we called “home” is taken away.

Have you ever longed for something stable? This week we are going to talk about the true meaning of home . A home that stays constant even when we feel like it’s gone. Come discover it with me. You may be surprised to find that the home you’ve been looking for has been here all along.

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