Teaching Series

We invite you to explore with us the biblical story of Joseph over the next three weeks. Consider what it means to be a citizen. Consider what it means to be an immigrant. Consider how you might serve under oppression. This series on citizenship will be challenging. We will ask ourselves, “How do I serve God and my community faithfully in circumstances that are far from ideal?” Joseph was not a perfect man, but he navigated life in Egypt from the lowest position (as a slave) to the highest—eventually serving as the second most powerful person in the nation after the Pharaoh himself.

The topics and texts for the series are as follows:

Week 1—Genesis 39:1–20: Moral and Ethical Faithfulness As a Slave

Week 2—Genesis 40:1–23: Hopeful Faithfulness in Prison

Week 3—Genesis 41:41–49: Wise Faithfulness in Power

Japhet De Oliveira
Senior Pastor
Boulder Church

Introduction to the Old Testament by Walter Brueggemann and Tod Linaflet
Genesis for Everyone (Part 1) by John Goldingay
Genesis for Everyone (Part 2) by John Goldingay
Genesis by Laurence Turner
He Began with Moses by Grenville J. R. Kent, Paul J. Kissling, and Laurence A. Turner (Eds)
Interpretation: Genesis by Walter Brueggemann
Interpretation: Hosea–Micah by James Limburg
SDA International Bible Commentary—Genesis by Jacques B. Doukhan

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