Teaching Series
Daniel 5 & 6

Series: Resilience
Message: Strength
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 18:20-27.

Read: Daniel 5 and 6 - Re-read in the ESV translation for new insights/questions.  

Reflect: Daniel had grown in his role and deep friendship with Nebuchadnezzar. That clearly came to an end when Nabonidus became king and even more with the grandson Belshazzar when he took over Babylon. This may be one of the many reasons Daniel was not invited, including, of course, the visions Daniel had in chapters 7 and 8.  Belshazzar would have been an example of the little horn that was to come later. 

Both appeared toward the end of their world empires (5:31; 7:8; 8:23).
Both claimed royal power and prerogatives (5:1; 8:23,24).
Transgression on the part of both resulted in description (should this be “desecration” or “destruction”) of the temple (5:3,4; 8:11,12).
Both came to their end in rebellion against God (5:22,23; 7:26).
Both came to a sudden end brought about by God (5:26-28; 7:26;8:25).
Both spoke and acted blasphemously (5:23; 7:25; 8:11). 
Both become strong by means of someone else’s power (5:16,23; 8:22). 

John Maxwell, leadership guru shared:

“My leadership philosophy is simple: Everything rises and falls on leadership. With so much hinging upon this philosophy I’ve made it my life’s passion to develop leaders at all levels. I believe in you and the power of your influence to create a legacy within your sphere of influence that will leave behind an army of leaders who get the importance of strong leadership.”


  1. What makes one strong and what makes one weak?
  2. What makes our governments strong what makes our governments suffer?
  3. What makes our Church strong and what makes our Church crumble?

Respond: Pray for wisdom.

Research: The top 3-5 skills leaders need at all levels, which ones do you need to develop yourself?

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