Teaching Series
Daniel 2

Series: Resilience  
Message: Trust  
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira
Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 7:6-11.
Read: Daniel 2 - Re-read in the ESV translation for new insights/questions.  

Reflect: As the story developed, did you notice the “politics at work” which Daniel had to face and act within? He was not invited.  He was not even aware of the meeting with the King taking place. Once he heard, he did not ask permission to speak to his “boss,” but went directly (2:16). He asked his friends to collaborate with him through prayer (2:17-18). He knew that he and his friends were about to be “fired”! When he was ready to deliver the answer, he followed protocol and went through his direct supervisor, Arioch (2:24).  His supervisor made it appear like he was the one who found the solution (2:25). He gives credit to God (2:28). When he is promoted, he brings his friends with him (2:49).


  1. Esther was very likely to take courage from this story of Daniel as she was to approach the King in her time without permission. How was Daniel so confident that God would answer him?
  2. Are you the type of “boss” who when things don’t go well, blame everyone else? What kind of person are you when things go wrong in your life? How can you change that?
  3. Do you have a project or idea that someone needs to hear - what is stopping you?
  4. How do you handle people in your life who take credit for things you have done?

Respond: Pray for opportunity to change.

Research: Google - “Arioch” and explore some reasons why this character might have felt threatened by Daniel. The book, Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, offers some insights in how to move groups into action, when everyone can seem overwhelmed. It also challenges to be level 4 or 5 leaders who are driven by mission and not personal success.

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