Teaching Series
Daniel 3 & 4

Series: Resilience  
Message: Confidence  
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 10:12-18.

Read: Daniel 3&4 - Re-read in the ESV translation for new insights/questions.  

Reflect: Idolatry is not about worshiping bricks and mortar. It is not about the actual piece of wood, or stone carving. It has always been about what they symbolize. It is about accepting values that shape the world we live. Values that affect our economics, our government, our moral standing, and ultimately our character. God knew the context that the children of Israel came out of when He gave them the famous Ten Commandments. Egypt was about glory and wealth, prosperity above all and at the expense of all. Hence slavery and degradation of humanity was justifiable. They left Egypt to go into the land of the Canaanites, with gods of fertility and security that allowed all levels of abuse against families, children and humanity as a whole. So the orphans and widows and weak were ignored. Elijah and several other prophets spoke up against this (1 Kings 21). Nebuchadnezzar represented an unjust king. He was head of an empire that valued wealth at all cost. He was not lifting up the values of God. These three friends would have been inspired by the hope to have a king as shared in Psalm 72:12-14. That is a King who, following God, would have a passion for justice.

You have to have a certain level of confidence in God, that this is the line to draw in the sand. That is what builds men and women of character and strength.  If you see the poverty and injustice then you must speak up. As the famous saying from the Mishnah (a collection of Jewish oral traditions):

“In the place where there are no men, be a mensch” (m. ‘Abot 2:6).


  1. What are our idols today?
  2. With our obsession to portray the perfect life through social media, how are we lifting up the image of God in our lives?

Respond: Pray for opportunity to change.

Research: Google - “Mensch.” When they fall down into the fire, the same word is used; “nēpalû” is used to describe when they are supposed to fall down before the statue.

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