Teaching Series
Committed to . . .
John 10:1-10

Series: Committed 
Message: Adaptability
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 55:9-19.

Read: John 10:1-10 — Read the Message paraphrase, and note 1-3 insights/questions that arise.

Reflect: Frederick Dale Brunner in his commentary on the Gospel of John, page 603, breaks all of the Good-Shepherd Sermons of John 10 into four areas. 
Jesus’ True Ministers, 10:1-10
Jesus’ True Work, 10:11-21
Jesus’ True Church, 10:22-30
Jesus’ True Person, 10:31-42
Last week we explored Jesus’ True Work, as the Good Shepherd who sacrifices his life and who has sheep in other folds, calling them all to him. This caused a huge reaction from the religious leaders at the time John 10:19. But the first part according to Frederick Dale Brunner, is that “Jesus’ Ministers are Christocentrics and not otherwayers.”
Who are these otherwayers? They were the sheep seeking to enter the sheepfold without going through the door. They are the ones who deny Jesus. Who believe that they do not need to  be saved. They were the legalists from the previous chapter, eager to condemn and ignore the reality and at all cost ignore Jesus. Brunner further sites on page 607. 
Otherwayers, in short, are preachers, teachers and leaders in the Church who have enthusiasms and causes other or more important than the person of Jesus Christ himself.

Recalibrate: ​ 

  1. What innovative ideas do you have that would make Jesus the center of everything in your life?
  2. Why are the otherwayers so popular?

Respond: Pray for clarity.

Research: Look for a definition of “Christology” that you could share with a child.

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