Teaching Series
Grow Strong

Over the next three weeks, our church pastors will discuss what it means to Grow Strong in Jesus. We believe that every stage of life offers unique opportunities for us to grow in Jesus . We will dive into what it means to root ourselves in the concept of Jesus . All. This convicts us to Live Love—and when we are rooted and living in Jesus, we see life in new ways. We will invite to you to: Live Wonder, Live Adventure, Live Purpose, Live Intention, Live Creative, Live Courage, Live Wise.

Join us in exploring your stage of life and learn about how Jesus can help you make the most of it in your discipleship journey.

Week 1: Growing Whom?
It often takes years before our relationship with Jesus feels meaningful enough or deep enough. The Bible reminds us that the group known as "Jesus' disciples" includes all of us—at all ages and all stages of life. We will study Matthew 13:1-43 in different translations throughout the week.

Week 2: Growing What?
As the journey of life ebbs and flows and our picture of Jesus becomes clearer, we begin to shape our identity around what we do. God wants to show us the Way by teaching us to seek Him first.

Day 1: Jeremiah 1:1-5
Day 2: Jeremiah 1:6
Day 3: Jeremiah 1:7-8
Day 4: Jeremiah 1:9-10
Day 5: Jeremiah 1:11-13
Day 6: Jeremiah 1:14-19

Week 3: Growing Why?
There is just one ultimate choice that we need to make and that is to choose Jesus. Why? Because nothing else matters.

Day 1: Joshua 1-4
Day 2: Joshua 5-6
Day 3: Joshua 7-8
Day 4: Joshua 9-10
Day 5: Joshua 20
Day 6: Joshua 23-24


Matthew for Everyone: Part 1 by N. T. Wright
Interpretation: Matthew by Douglas R. A. Hare
Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary: Matthew by Ben Witherington III
Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew by Grant R. Osborne
Divine Presence and Violence by Walter Brueggemann
Integrity by Henry Cloud
Joshua: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching by Jerome F. D. Creach
Joshua, Judges & Ruth by John Goldingay
Joshua: Tyndall Old Testament Commentary by Richard S. Hess
Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen White
The Power of the Other by Henry Cloud
The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida
The Road to Character by David Brooks
The Well-played Life by Leonard Sweet
Reading Joshua: A Historical-Critical/Archaeological Commentary by John C. H. Laughlin

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