Teaching Series
Daniel 10-12

Series: Resilience
Message: Safety
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 22:1-8.

Read: Daniel 10-12 - As you read in the ESV translation, note 1-3 insights/questions that arise.

Reflect: Zdravko Stefanovic in his Commentary on Daniel “Wisdom to the Wise” p. 377 shares that “Chapter 10 of Daniel is classified as the ‘prophetic call vision.’ It serves as a prologue to the revelation given chapters 11 and 12, which form a single unit with chapter 10.”  Daniel had spent 21 days in preparation for the Day of Atonement, but at the end of those days he receives a new vision. The river Tigris is one of the two rivers from Genesis 2:14 that flowed from the Garden of Eden. Some suggest that this was intentional since it ties into the promise given to Abraham Genesis 15:18 that his land would expand far beyond the regular borders. So the vision that appears is far greater than a local application. As we enter the chapter a new being is introduced with language that far supersedes a description for an angel. It is far closer to the Ancient of Days from Daniel 7. The gold referred to is the best that existed Jeremiah 10:9, compared to the regular gold 1 Kings 9:28. There is a direct contrast to the eyes of the little horn Daniel 7:8 and the eyes of this being “like flaming torches”. For these reasons we believe it was Jesus who appeared before Daniel. Daniel expends a lot of energy to show that only he saw the vision, but that the light was so powerful everyone with him ran away, which sends an echo to Isaiah 2:19 as the majesty of God is overwhelming.  No sooner has the prescience of Jesus appeared and gone, Gabriel the angel appears now to Daniel who is lying face-down in awe of God. Daniel 10:10, has Gabriel touch Daniel to draw his attention to the message.


  1. What would it be like if you were to see Jesus face to face today? Would you be like disciple Thomas or the prophet Daniel?
  2. When was the last time that the power of a touch made you or someone else feel safe?

Respond: Pray for safety.

Research: “…Nor did I anoint myself at all” Daniel 10:3, perfumed oil was used in the Bible, read 2 Samuel 14:2; Isaiah 61:3 and Matthew 6:17. While covering your head with ashes meant sadness and anguish Daniel 9:3, oil, was gladness and feasting Ecclesiastics 9:8. How could we use oil today? 

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