Teaching Series
The Call of Christmas
Luke 1:1-38

Series: The Call of Christmas  
Message: The Call to Prepare & Provide
Preacher: Japhet De Oliveira

Refresh: Open with prayer. Read or listen to Psalm 40:6-10.

Read: Luke 1:1-38 - As you read in the New International Version, note 1-3 insights that arise.

Reflect: Fred B. Craddock, in his commentary on Luke, shares on page 28 this insight:

“Gabriel’s message to Mary, as it was to Zechariah, is fourfold: She will have a son to be named Jesus (v.31); the child will be the Son of God (Ps.27) and will occupy forever the throne of David (vv. 32-33; II Sam. 7:13-16); the birth of the child will be effected by the overshadowing descent of the Holy Spirit (v.35; Ex. 40:35; I Kings 8:10; Hag. 2:6-9); and as a sign that this will to pass, Gabriel informs Mary of the pregnancy of her kinswoman Elizabeth (vv. 36-37). As a final word of assurance, the angel recalls the creed behind all creeds, the very words spoken to Abraham and Sarah when they doubted the word that they were to have a child: ‘For with God nothing will be impossible’ (v. 37; Gen. 18:4). Mary bows in humble obedience to the word of God.” 

How many things in our lives today seem impossible, yet when you look back on life, you can see how God had prepared you and also provided for you? The promised Messiah came at the appointed time, and when the world was ready for a global shift in history to align itself with the plan of redemption. 


  1. What impossible area do you need to turn over to God?
  2. How has God transformed your life?
  3. When was the Holy Spirit visible in your life in the past?

Respond: Pray for insight and a tender heart.

Research: Cross reference the presence of the Holy Spirit in this chapter with the baptism of Jesus.

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