Teaching Series
The Call of Christmas


This three-part mini-series “The Call Of Christmas” will lead us through and into the Christmas Season, the ultimate celebration of the story of Christ’s birth. This is our chance to share how history was changed for all eternity when Christ entered the world. This story can and should be told all year!  Of the four Gospel accounts, only Matthew and Luke share insights into the birth and early years of Jesus, primarily because of their audience. You might recall a stained glass window in some churches based on Revelation 4:7 with these four images:

    Man:     Gospel of Mark, simplicity
    Lion:     Gospel of Matthew, for seeing Jesus the Messiah, Lion tribe of Judah
    Ox:     Gospel of Luke, Jesus the servant of all
    Eagle:     Gospel of John, vision to see things far away that appear high but are deeply             personal. 

For Matthew and Luke, sharing where Jesus came from was critical to the message and their audience. For us today, reminding ourselves by revisiting the context will help us apply the miracle to our lives. These are the three parts of the new series. 

    Part 1 - Zechariah and Mary - Call to Prepare/Provide
    Part 2 - Joseph - Call to Protect
    Part 3 - Shepherds - Call to Praise and Christmas

These are a few of the suggested books and commentaries for the series.

NIV, The Books of the Bible, New Testament by Biblica
Interpretation: Luke by Fred B. Craddock
Teach the Text Commentary: Luke by R. T. France
Luke for Everyone by N. T. Wright
Matthew for Everyone by N. T. Wright 
Desire of Ages by Ellen White
A Matthew Commentary by Frederick Dale Bruner
Bible Amplifier by George R. Knight 
Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Luke by David E. Garland
Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew by Grant R Osborne

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